Eastern european men dating

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Strange thing, cause for so long I've been quite a horndog, chasing women at all levels. Since I've been traveling overseas I have met many nice Japanese, Russian, and Spanish women. I want a lady that, when I get home from work, would rather kiss me than scream at me for some trivial reason like I didn't mow the lawn. Dating or being married to an American woman is like driving a beat-up Ford Escort.If you are only used to driving a beat-up Ford Escort, then you have no idea what it feels like when you drive a Bentley or Ferrari.Important Note: This site has no advertising and no products for sale.We are fans of the original "no marriage" site, which is now located at The eastern tribes, called the Plateau tribes, survived through seasonal hunting, fishing, and gathering.Tribal work among the Plateau Indians was also gender-divided with both men and women responsible for equal parts of the food supply.

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Anthropologists estimate there were 125 distinct Northwest tribes and 50 languages and dialects in existence before the arrival of Euro-Americans in this region.Throughout the Puget Sound region, coastal tribes made use of the region's abundant natural resources, subsisting primarily on salmon, halibut, shellfish, and whale.Cedar was an important building material and was used by tribes to build both longhouses and large canoes.Most Western men are dismayed by the lack of sincerity of Western women. Yes, Latin American and Eastern European women do make better mates because both come from more conservative and family oriented cultures where relationships and commitment are actually revered. Mexican and Asian women are a much better choice and they look better than American chicks too. I didn't pay for shit when I was overseas and I pay up the wazoo here. American women are high-maintenance prima donnas with attitudes.

I believe that American women have priced themselves out of the marketplace. - highest maintenance (I've never heard of a foreign bride demanding her husband buy expensive house & cars) - fattest in the world - most likely to cheat - highest rate of divorce (60% - US-US marriages; 20% - US-foreign marriages) - largest payout in divorce court (you'll be raped in divorce court for everything you earned, plus most of what you will earn for years to come) - bitchiest - most likely to nag constantly - most likely to believe in feminism and "equality" - most likely to hate men - spend least amount of time with her children - worst at cooking and cleaning - the former sex partner of tons of guys before she tricks you into marriage You really look forward to the day your BBW wife divorces you and you gladly fork over 50% over your hard-earned assets, plus child support and alimony (a lard-ass bitch for sure is not going to have a good job).You need to at least test-drive a Ferrari, so you'll have a reference point on what a real car feels like.

But he was also (at times, anyway) a person in the world like anyone else.… continue reading »

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